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WorkTraits Behavior/Values Profile

Behavioral Style

Style reflects an individual’s natural preference within four behavioral traits (D, E, F & T described below).  Everyone maintains all the traits to varying degrees; however, their strongest trait is demonstrated more consistently than other traits in workplace behavior.

WorkTraits measures four behavioral traits that influence communication and interaction:

  1. Decision-Maker: The need to be in charge or in control; the “Leader” trait.
  2. Encourager: The degree of extroversion and social orientation; the “People” trait.
  3. Facilitator: The degree of compassion and patience demonstrated; the “Patience” trait.
  4. Tracker: The emphasis on process and attentiion to details; the “Organizational” trait.


Values are Core Convictions that influence one’s interactions and workplace contributions.  Everyone develops convictions through upbringing, education and life/work experiences.  In contrast to Behavioral Style, Values can change over time and significantly impact an organization and a performer’s capacity to fit and work effectively in their work environment.

WorkTraits measures four values that are critical to workplace performance.

  1. Ambition: The tendency to be “forward-looking” and proactive in achieving significant goals.
  2. Belief: The degree to which an individual believes and acts according to a predefined ethical system.
  3. Compassion: The degree to which an individual feels compelled to help those less fortunate.
  4. Discipline: The discipline, focus and dedication to complete tasks and achieve goals.
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