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Often the best response to perceived training needs is no training at all.  Why? Because there are likely other barriers to performance than lack of knowledge or skills.  What appears to be a training need may be due to poor communication, undefined expectations or lack of prescribed standards and practices. For more insight check out: Analyzing Performance Problems – Is Training Really Needed?

Another problem with training is premature presentation. This means selecting a training method before the need is clear and learning objectives are defined.  How do you know that a book, online course, seminar or video is what learners need?  The truth is, the method should be your last decision. We don’t want our clients to spend money on training that is not needed or won’t work. This is why we insist on some type of front-end analysis before launching any training initiative. This can be done thru observation, interviews, focus groups and assessments.

Our job is to help you select the best tool for the right job. Here’s a simple chart to help you consider what you may need:

Our portfolio includes training programs on important business topics and interpersonal skills; all can be tailored to specific industry and organizational requirements. We recommend only the most practical, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to achieve your performance goals and we should discuss your training needs.

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