Team Building - Corrugated Carton Manufacturer

Business Need: This company needed to overcome internal turf issues that neglected customer requirements. Systemic communication failures and lack of cooperation between functions at multiple plants created costly production errors, late shipments and customer dissatisfaction. Problems were compounded by unskilled supervision, a wide variety of customized products, special rush orders and inconsistent operating processes.

Our Solution: Our intervention involved three strategic actions: First, we facilitated Discovery Planning© sessions with managers and supervisors to identify and clarify issues, prioritize problems and develop solutions within and across departments. Second, we created functional job communication standards and practices for manufacturing supervisors and customer service reps. Third, we conducted intensive training for supervisors covering skills in communicating, delegating, team building, coaching and problem solving.

Results: Customer focus became the top priority, with everyone in sales, operations and customer service working to meet customers' needs and requirements. The newly-engaged teams tore down communication barriers and improved work relationships between departments and functions. Reductions in errors and scrap produced substantial cost savings within days of implementing new work processes.  Employee relations improved and inter-departmental cooperation and collaboration became the norm - the expected standard - rather than the exception. Most important, all personnel acknowledged that company, team and individual success required everyone to work together towards a common goal: Customer Satisfaction.

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