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Specialized Training

Based on the needs of a valued client in California, AchieveCorp is engaged in a new training venture to improve operations in the hospitality industry; specifically the training of valet parking drivers.

Research has validated the need for parking operators to better control and reduce risks and costs by improving the selection and training of parking valets.

We are producing a comprehensive, scalable and portable system for valet training and certification. Our system uses video-based instruction accessible on computers and mobile devices. All courses have measurable outcomes and learner accountability.

Our licensed ValetProToGo© training programs ensure consistent instruction, assessment and skill transfer.  Our concise, engaging and impactful videos, brief quizzes and completion tracking will develop professional, safe and courteous valets. This translates into reduced costs and risks for both operators and insurance carriers and greater peace of mind for car owners.

To learn more, please visit our ValetProToGo website.

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