People + Process = Performance


Our best example of collaborating is our proven Discovery Planning© process.  Through professionally facilitated work sessions, we enable clients to convert opportunities and problems into clearly defined and accountable action plans. The process is most effective for executive retreats, gap analysis, instructional design, problem solving, product development, strategic planning, and team building and workout sessions. The process works equally well for both business and nonprofit organizations.

All participants contribute in a collaborative and supportive effort.  The process involves brainstorming, creative thinking, clarifying & confirming and ensures authentic communication. Most important, the process establishes accountability for implementing solutions.  This contrasts with ‘open forum’ discussions which yield fatigue, frustration and few or poor results.

The facilitator guides the group and keeps members alert and focused.  Since everyone is highly involved in the process, they produce exponential output and time passes quickly.  Ideas and solutions are produced in quantity and quality.  All output is captured, sorted, prioritized, developed and transferred into action plans in a fraction of the time typically consumed in long and unproductive meetings.

Benefits of Discovery Planning©:

  • The process is positive, effective and productive.
  • Groups become teams through shared experience and cooperation.
  • The spotlight is on real issues and solutions – and not on opinions or personalities.
  • Solutions evolve from the collective experience and expertise of group members, building motivation and ensuring ownership of the outcomes.
  • The process develops and enhances knowledge and skills in real time, and produces best practices.

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