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Each of our our principals have amassed rich experience and keen insight about business performance, sales, and human resource issues through working in both corporate and consulting roles. Our combined 80+ years of experience should have taught us something worth publishing! - And we feel others can benefit from these lessons!

In our blog posts, we share our perspective on talent acquisition & management, human performance technology and sales/management training and development. We also comment on content gleaned from a number of other thought leaders in related fields and include links to their postings. 

We encourage you to visit our blog often (or add a bookmark). We believe you will find our posts informative, instructive, valuable - and even amusing. Most important, we would LOVE your feedback. Once you've read a post, please take a moment to comment on what you've read. In this way, you can add to the conversation about how we can all work to improve People, Process, and Performance.

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